A Message to Referring Professionals

Most people have some sort of idea of what they would like their life to be. However, it doesn't always happen that we get the life we want and life's frustrations can cause some people to experience significant problems with their health or behaviour. Sometimes these problems do not respond well to the appropriate medical or behavioural treatments.

How Can I Help Your Patients?

There can be many factors contributing to delayed recovery, but it could be that the key to the healing process lies within the patients themselves. The value of psychological therapy is that it is a shared curing process, a major component of which is the commitment and dedicated co-operation of the individuals involved.

To change individuals' views, and to re-order their lives, involves a clear commitment to change... their views of the world ... and their previous life choices.
It is the skill of the psychologist to gain the co-operation of patients so that they can be shown the options to make the appropriate changes in their lives.

When your patient's feelings seem too overwhelming for them ... when their decisions seem too dificult ... and when they feel they lack the skills that they need I can be of assistance.

By using a broad range of techniques in the therapy process, I can support them while they identify areas for change, set goals and learn skills to achieve those goals.

I also produce training programs on video for professional helpers and self-help programs for your patients to do themselves under your guidance.

What Procedures Are Followed?

Assessment: I utilise a wide range of psychometric tests which give valid and reliable information in the following areas.

* Psychological state
* Personal dynamics
* Intellectual functioning
* Educational levels
* Specific skills and talents
* Relational patterns
* Work related skills or deficits

These tests are used as the basis for treatment plans.

The types of problems that can be successfully treated by a psychologist include:

* Physical problems such as back problems, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure, pain.

* Behavioural symptoms such as sleeping difficulties, sexual dysfunstion, substance abuse, eating disorders.

* Stress-related difficulties including depression, anxiety, phobias, obsessions, compulsions and workaholism.

* Life crisis and traumas such as separation and divorce, grief and loss, relationship problems, domestic violence, incest and sexual abuse and post-trauma debriefing and follow-up.

Progress reporting, I provide reporting for medical, forensic, workers' claims and Family Court purposes to ensure that patients receive a comprehensive and effective services and follow-up.

Consultancy, I provide a consultancy service to doctors, psychologist and other therapists who want to undertake counselling for their own patients.

Other Services

* Individual psychotherapy
* Couples/marital counselling
* Family counselling
* Vocational counselling and assessment
* Forensic reports
* Pain/stress management
* Harnessing anger
* Rehabilitation counselling

You are welcome to telephone to discuss refering your patients or clients to me for any of my services on (03) 9822 4595.