Why see a Psychologist?

Most people have some sort of idea of what they would like for themselves, they have an image of a life in which they have fulfulment and contentment.

However, it doesn't always happen that you get the life you want.

There may be many reasons for this, but no matter how many factors are involved the choice to make changes is yours.

To change your views, to re-order your life, involves a clear commitment to change. This acceptance of the possibility of change is the basis of the work of psychology.

It's the idea that you can learn about yourself. You can learn new skills of living that allows you to be who you wish to be.

When your ready for change I can help.

I can support you while you identify areas for change, set goals and learn skills to achieve those goals. My particular skills are to show people the options available to them and help them develop strategies to make appropriate changes to their lives.

I find helping people to change the most rewarding and enjoyable of endeavours.

My Approach

I believe people are responsible for their own lives. To assist them to make changes I work with them to develop their own resources and personal skills. I use methods ranging from problem-solving, family and marital therapy and cognitive-behavioural therapy to psychodrama, Gestalt, NLP and body work approaches.

I work with individuals, couples, families, groups and organisations to effect change.

An Invitation

You are welcome to telephone to discuss any of my services or programs or to make an appointment on (03) 9822 4595

My Services

*Individual psychotherapy
* Couples/marital counselling
* Family counselling
* Pain & anger management
* Harnessing stress
* Self-help programs on video
* Forensic reports
* Training programs on video for professional helpers
* Rehabilitation counselling & assessment for children & adults

A Personal Statement

With a lot of help I was able to recast my own life. My personal growth was guided by professional assistance and my interest in the processes of personal change was so strong that I studied to become a psychologist.
The skills and problem-solving techniques that I am able to teach others is a source of great personal pleasure to me.

I enjoy helping people take control of their lives.

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