Hello my name is SUSIE ROTCH. I am a psychologist and psychotherapist running a busy private practice in Melbourne, Australia. I have been working as a psychotherapist with individuals, couples and families for over thirty years. I provide training to junior psychotherapists in both individual and group therapy and consultancy to business.

The purpose of my psychological service is to help you to take control of your life.

When you are ready to make changes I can help.

This site has a number of pages which cover concerns of people thinking about making use of psychology. I also address people interested in joining personal growth groups, explaining their advantages and challenges. On a seperate page is the range of psychological services I can offer to clients and patients of referring professionals.

You are welcome to talk to me about any of my services that you might wish to use ... just call me on (03) 9822 4595.
If I am not available my answering machine will accept your voice mail. Let me know what times you are available and I will try to call back at one of those times. This site deliberately does not have an email address. I am able only to work with people in Melbourne on a face to face basis so I have not allowed for any email communication from this site.

All the best


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Susie Rotch, psychologist and psychotherapist can assist in personal therapy, depression, anger managerment, family/couple counselling, rehabilitation counselling, pain management etc.